In 2014, Earth Roastery started importing and roasting beans. Ali Al - Fahad began his experiments with different roasting techniques and blends at his own home then shared the coffee with friends and family. At that time, there was no knowledge spread to peoplein Middle East area & GCC about specialty coffee.That was a very reasonable reason to let Ali Al- Fahad strived to grow his business in Kuwait. In 2016, Earthroastery was officially started to roast then sell all over the world with different variety of specialty coffee.




Coffee, one of “life’s little joys”, ties people, cultures and countries together. We adhere to serving the best beans from farms and importers that are fair trade, organic and use sustainable growing practices. Our coffee is enjoyed by our customers and empowers business partners and the community-at-large. Qualityin the bean, service and experience of savoring a fine coffee is our standard.



At Earth roastery, we operate according to three values:

  •  Positively affecting the coffee supply chain.
  •  Making high-quality education accessible.
  •  Empowering a diverse range of people.

However, we also know that good values are no use without good actions. These principles need to guide our decisions and inspire us to take proactive steps.