JX-pro Coffee Grinder

Dhs. 707

The JX- PRO grinder is suitable for both Pour-over and Espresso. The fine adjustment makes you find your "sweet spot" for espresso easily. With the Burr Size of 48mm, makes pour- over coffee tastes balanced and perfect.

All 1Zpresso grinders can be dismantled easily without any tools, making a thorough cleaning easy without re-calibrating the burrs.



  • Do Not clean the grinder with water. The grinder should only be cleaned with a dry brush and blower.
  • Please read the instruction manual grind setting reference guide before using the grinder.
  • The burrs were calibrated and fixed in place by the 1Zpresso team. Disassembly of the burr could affect grind consistency and cause damage to the grinder.
  • There might be small scratches on the surface of the aluminum body similar to brushed steel; this is normal due to Anodizing process. 


1Zpresso JX- PRO Manual Coffee Grinder, Cleaning Brush.



Color: Light Grey
Weight: 780 +/- 5 gms
Dimensions: 18 * 5.7 * 13 cms
Coffee Ground Capacity: 30~35 gm
Material: Wood, polycarbonate, silicone, stainless steel and aluminium alloy.

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