Mugtail Mug bear

Dhs. 70
Mug Bear from the Kugo Mugtail collection - because we're talking about it - is a unique proposition that combines art, design, and love for animals. The mugs from the collection are characterized by a pleasant to the touch, matte, slightly rough finish of the outer walls (with a glazed inner surface), and a tail-shaped handle - in this case the bear's tail. The place where the silhouette of the animal is located on both sides of the dish is characterized by slightly thinner porcelain, thanks to which the mug presented here can also be used as a candle holder. After lighting a tealight candle, the hedgehog will be beautifully illuminated, guaranteeing cozy, delicate, and moody light in every living room or dining room. Mugs from the Mugtail collection come in different versions, with different animals in the lead role, and thus in different sizes suitable for different types of drinks and with a different type of handle - the tail. All, however, captivate with their delicacy and fairy-tale character.
Warning! To keep the Bear cup longer and as beautiful as when it was purchased, the mug, according to the manufacturer's suggestion, should be washed immediately after use and it is best not to serve it to ladies who wear lipstick. Such a kiss can leave a mark on the wall of the vessel forever and the bear will purr with indignation!

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